Augmented Reality

'Augmented Reality' or 'Augmented Media' is the augmenting of computer-generated content into real-world environments.
Nowadays we see more and more use of Augmented Reality on the web or mobile devices in marketing campaigns or product demonstrations.

It is a new cool way of linking digital content to real products or print. Video's, 3D animations or other crazy interactive content is seamlessly merged with the real world captured by the webcam or mobile camera's.


What started as an Adobe Flash ActionScript 3.0 library for web has now grown into a very flexible cross-platform engine.
Developers can use IN2AR to develop Augmented Reality applications for web, mobile and desktop using Adobe Flash and/or Adobe AIR + Native Extension, using the tools they prefer.


Developers can start developing immediately using our Free SDK.
The project is easily converted into a commercial one later on by simply swapping the marker image data files.

Looking for a developer?

IN2AR is a product of the Augmented Media company Beyond Reality in the Netherlands. Beyond Reality is specialised in Augmented solutions for all kind of platforms.

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