Augmented Reality SDK

The IN2AR SDK's contains everything you need to get started with developing your own IN2AR project.

Mobile Flash developers should use AIR Native Extension to get maximum possible performance.

We moved libraries and examples to GitHub repository.
Now you can always be up to date with latest samples and builds aswell as track your issues status.

SDK Overview's

Flash and AIR SDK

  • IN2AR pure AS3 SWC and Native Extension
  • Basic AS3 examples of standard Augmented Reality.
  • A free licenced test image
  • Third party libraries used in the demo's

Unity SDK

  • IN2AR plugin for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX
  • Bundled in simple .unitypackage's
  • Single Marker Demo
  • Multi Marker Demo
  • Masking Demo


29 March 2013 - Merge Flash and AIR SDK, API unification. Moved to GitHub. Flare3D demo added.

4 Januari 2013 - Added camera mirror mode to Unity SDK

3 December 2012 - Unity SDK Released!

28 November 2012 - AIR SDK Update.
Removed possible crash and added iOS simulator library.

20 November 2012 - Flash SDK hotfix.
This fixes an error when an extreme amount of points is found.

7 November 2012 - IN2AR has been updated.
All SDK's use the same .ass files now.
Make sure you redownload the SDK when you want to work with new .ass files. Tracking precision and performance has been improved.

Check out the latest changes in the IN2AR Support Forum.

Video tutorials

IN2AR in FlashDevelop (1) Project Setup
IN2AR in FlashDevelop (2) Adding own marker

IN2AR Unity project


The AS3Docs for IN2AR AS3 version.

The AS3Docs for IN2AR Native Extension.

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