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Augmented Reality Showcases

Promote your IN2AR project: use the form to send us the information and we will post it on this page.

Kinder Ferrero

Developed by: ThinkingAbout™

Great in-store augmented reality application for Kinder Ferrero 2013 Easter eggs promotion. By ThinkingAbout™ and Fisadorelli

Musashi AR

Image/Marker: You need to print this!
Developed by: 1-10design. Inc

A realy cool treasurehunt application for mobile ( iOS ). Go check it out!

Dove AR Gifting Campaign

Developed by: Vision Max Limited

A lovely AR campaign for Dove(China) by Vision Max Limited in cooperation with Sapient Nitro (Shanghai).

Peak New Product Launch

Developed by: HYLink AD (Guangzhou)

To help to promote the new product launch campaign for PEAK, 2 sites are setup on SINA & TENCENT WEIBO that use both AR and pixelate technology.


Developed by: drap d.o.o.

A sticker depicting a dinosaur is included within a chocolate. Sticker are recognized by the in2ar engine allowing access to animated 3D model of the dinosaur in Dinopedia. Stickers can also be used t

Acket Augmented Packaging

Image/Marker: You need to print this!
Developed by: Beyond Reality

Packaging is experiencing! By showing one side you will see videos and with the other side you can play an image controled game.

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